domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Treinamento aberto do grupo Stolen Fish em Berlin

Recebi pelo facebook o convite para o Treinamento Aberto (Open Training) do grupo Stolen Fish em Berlin. 
Divulgo aqui para artistas que estiverem em Berlin e se interessarem:

"OPEN TRAINING | 15 Nov 2011 – 07 Dec 2011
The members of 77 STOLEN FISH are happy to invite you to their regular training.
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday from 10:00 to 11:30
Thursday from 13:00 to 14:30

In this new session we will focus on principals of:

Release Technique
We will work to gain consciousness of our centre as a source of energy in order to use the minimum muscular strength needed to dance. We will investigate how we can dance ( with the right effort and awareness ) using the floor, air and space in all its magnitude.

Laban Analysis
We will work on Laban’s theory of effort and shape exploring its four main categories (body, effort, shape and space) in order to identify our patterns of movement that signify cultural and individual styles. We will try to become conscious of our points of strength, weaknesses and of the way our movement affects our surroundings (space and people).

Hip Hop
With basic steps and moves of the different styles of Hip Hop (Newstyle, Popping, Locking, Housedance) we'll warm up, loosen up the body and build strength. We will also practice some rhythmic exercises to improve our sense of rhythm in dancing. Throughout the training we will learn how to control the flow of energy and determine the aesthetics of our movements. We’ll work on our personal style by having fun with choreography as well as moments of freestyle.

We will break down our awareness of space and time into nine compositional elements (spatial relationship, topography/floor plan, architecture, shape, gesture, duration, repetition, tempo, kinesthetic response). Focusing on these components one by one, through improvisations and exercises that isolate and combine them, we will attempt to move toward our simpler humbler selves on stage. Through identifying, understanding and practicing working with the view points, we will sharpen our group and spatial awareness as performers and our sense of timing and composition as creators.

The training is open to actors, dancers, performance artists and and anyone interested in movement research.

15 Nov -> Viewpoints
16 Nov -> Release
17 Nov -> Viewpoints
18 Nov -> Release
21 Nov ->Release
22 Nov ->Viewpoints
23 Nov ->Release
24 Nov ->Viewpoints
25 Nov ->Release
28 Nov -> Hip Hop
29 Nov ->Laban
30 Nov ->Hip Hop
1 Dec ->Laban
2 Dec -> Hip Hop
5 Dec -> Hip Hop
6 Dec ->Laban
7 Dec ->Hip Hop

3€ per day

FABRIK ZIRKONIA, Elsenstraße 52, 2 Hinterhof 1.OG, Neukölln


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  1. Também sou brasileira, também em Darmstadt... Será que nunca nos trombamos por aí?

  2. Oi Engenheira!! Pode ser... mas nos ultimos dois anos tenho morado em Frankfurt. Como o Blog estava desatualizado fica parecendo que ainda estou por aí. Foi até bom, que sem querer você me chamou a atenção para isso, obrigada! Se estiver a fim podemos tomar um café qualquer dia, em Darmstadt, ou em Franfurt! :-)


Seu comentário é muito bem vindo! :-D